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FLASH | exposed - an off-camera flash photography workshop

Saturday, February 23, 2013, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
the Studio, 7 Old Sherman Tpke. , Suite 205, Danbury, CT 06810
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The focus on this year's lighting workshop will be on creating a soft, natural look with flash! Perfect for indoor portraits or winter time shoots! 

It’s time to stop complaining about all of the “new” photographers on the scene and start setting yourself apart. And lets face it, with the emergence of 100,000 ISO DSLR cameras combined with wide-aperture lenses, it has never been easier to learn how to shoot in available light. If you are ready to break the mold and stand out in a sea of “available light” photographers then join us for our popular Mastering Light Photography Workshop. We will teach you the nuts and bolts of off-camera manual flash using minimal gear that will NOT break the bank. We'll also take all the scary “manual flash” language and break it down to very simple concepts that everyone will understand. The overall goal is to give each of you the tools needed to create stunning and dynamic portraits in ANY lighting scenario at ANY time of day in ANY location.

Check out images from our most recent workshops:

Our Lighting Workshop will....
-Cover in depth why off-camera lighting matters, how it has transformed our business, defined our style, and unintentionally given us an edge in our market
-Include an intense day packed with information, including a deep dive review of all the lighting gear that’s out there, what each tool is intended for, what we use, what we don’t use, when we use it, and why
-Encourage you to use the tools you already have in your bag…NOT to go out and buy new gear. We will show you how we get stunning results using $70 flashes
-Include tips to be more efficient and confident with off camera lighting, implementing the techniques WITHOUT losing the connection to your subject
-Involve more SHOOTING than you can handle! We'll be shooting a model on-location to give you the opportunity to practice the techniques covered. Actually, let us rephrase that. YOU will be shooting on-location....your set-ups, your settings...
-Give you our FULL attention for the entire day
-Include some slammin' lunch on us!

Our Lighting Workshop will NOT....
-Bore you to death with an 8 hour presentation of all our photos & tell you how awesome we are
-Tell you that you need to sell yourself or sell your brand or tell you how to market yourself in a changing economy
-Talk about key lights, main lights, or hair lights....if you can tell us what those even are you get bonus points!
-Show you lighting diagrams with little stick figures
-Talk you into investing millions of dollars into new gear

Our workshop is intended to be a hands-on, no-frills, break-down of off-camera flash that will enable you to shoot in any scenario with confidence.

Rough timeline for the day:
10:00-12:30pm: Geek talk in our studio - think of it as "off-camera flash for dummies..."

12:30-1:00pm: Catered lunch in our studio - from our favorite Mom & Pop shop down the street of course!

1:00-6:30pm: Shooting on location - YOU will be shooting...not us. And you'll be setting up your own lighting with your own settings and you're totally going to rock it. Trust us.

Gear - obviously bring your camera, lenses, and CF cards. You do NOT need to bring any of your flashes or transmitters, we provide everything.

Notes - definitely bring something to take notes. You know, pen & paper....old school style. Feel free to bring a laptop for taking notes if you'd like but we're a bit partial to the ancient art of writing on paper. Then you can bust out your notes on-location with no problem.

Assumed Knowledge - our lighting workshop teaches beginner-to-intermediate level off-camera lighting concepts so if you're new to off-camera lighting, don't sweat it....go ahead and sign-up. However we REQUIRE that you have a solid, working knowledge of shooting available light in manual mode. You must know what aperture, shutter speed, and ISO mean and how each relates to exposure with natural light.

Flash Triggers - we use Pocket Wizard Plus II models to trigger our flashes. This is what we know so this is what we teach. We do not use Radio Poppers or TTL flash whatsoever. All manual, all the time. You can ask about Radio Poppers if you'd like....but like I said, we know nothing about them.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to email our rad-tastic Queen of All Things....or you can call her Jill. Email: and phone: 203-942-0660.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


We REQUIRE that you have a solid working knowledge of shooting available light in manual mode. You must know the in's and out's of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and how that relates to exposure with natural light.

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